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제철 제맛 마늘 향은 은은하게, 식감은 아삭하게 미끈한 마늘종
2016년 6월 656호공백|공백6page

전원생활 2016년 6월 656호 | 198page [전원생활] 농업인뿐만 아니라 일반인들까지 자연의 소중함을 전달하고 있는 가족생활 정보지
Country Living is a monthly magazine, published by The Farmers Newspaper Publishing Company, aimed to be a lifestyle magazine for families who appreciate agriculture and nature. We are a premier monthly magazine in Korea with circulations over 100,000. We have been in business for 55 years and published our 654th volume in April 2016. Country Living offers various information on agriculture, rural communities and produce to city dwellers, and provides rich cultural and life style information to farmers. Furthermore, we provide articles on various topics that are hardly found in other women's or lifestyle magazines. The magazine contains life stories of celebrities and people from all walks of life as well.

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